#BizTrends2022: Using the Platform World as a content marketing strategy

Jan 5, 2022

By 2023, we can expect that recognising and targeting users via third-party cookies will be a thing of the past. As platforms like Google look to phase out cross-site tracking, the way we think about reaching and, importantly, knowing our audiences as marketers will need to radically shift.

Or does it?

Content marketers have understood the critical importance of owning first-party data for decades. In fact, ownership of audience data has long been foundational to most content marketing strategies. This means that, finally, content marketing as a critical marketing strategic approach has come into its own; it’s time for marketers and brands to put it to work.

In this 10-minute video, Sarah Browning-de Villiers discusses what the Platform World is, why it matters to both marketers and brands, its relevance in our South African context, and why content marketing will emerge as marketers’ and brands’ best strategic tool to thrive in the Platform World.

Originally published on Bizcommunity – https://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/424/222503.html

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